הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: ***PARASHAT 'SHELACH LECHA'

עבור תרומות לעמותת זוהר הרקיע:

תרומה לעמותת זוהר ההרקיע

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום ראשון, 10 ביוני 2007





פרשת "שלח לך" להורדה/האזנה לחץ כאן

מענייני הפרשה: לשון הרע באיסור דיבור, שמיעה, קבלה , איסור דאורייתא, מבע פנים כלשון הרע, לשון הרע בהגדרתו התורנית, האם נכון שהעולם יוצף מים? והעתיד להיות מכח הכתוב בספר גליא רזא, חשיבות שינוי השם לפי הזוהר

עיני העולם כולו על עם ישראל ועל ירושלים והתלות והתנאי בדור הזה ובמעשיו, מה הצורך של הנשיאים בפרשה לדבר דיבה, ענין הפנימיות שהיא הנשמה והניצוץ הרוחני שאותו האדם מברר, דברים שגורמים לעכוב ברור רוחני והחולאים שמתגלים בעקבות זאת, סוד

אמן, חשיבות הצניעות, סוד השרפים, מדרגות הרוחניות בעולם הזה, מה העניין של משפחת רם והסמליות של "רם", איך מזהים עמלק? , לשון הרע והקשר לעמלק בדור הזה ומחייתו ועונשו במים,
מה יעשה וינצל מלשון הרע, במה צריך פחד


  1. Lashon Harah (evil speech) has devastating ramification on the teller, the listener and the person being spoken about – all three face a tribunal in heaven and all three are punished.
  2. This chapter is a continuation of the Lashon Harah by the spies (Meraglim), very important to learn the laws of Bad Mouthing OTHERS, ONESELF, GOYIM, Animals and even inanimate objects (see King David, Insects, Stones and Clothing). Read the Chaftz Chafetz Hayim book on “Guarding One’s Tongue” Travelling a train going to his reception in a town, the Chafetz Hayim sat next to a man going to the reception but did not recognize him. The man told him he is going to see the Hafetz Hayim and he said I heard he is a great man – to which the Hafetz Hayim replied with humility not so great! The man stood up and slapped the Hafetz Hayim in the face and told him “never speak Lashon Harah”
  3. Evil Speech (Lashon Harah, LH) is debasing, belittles the image of G-d and it’s a prohibition coming from Torah “Lo Tisa Shem Hashem Lashav” Do not utter the name of G-d in vain”. It is sinful to listen to LH, even if it’s the truth, sinful to accept, sinful to listen passively and even twitching the nose about a person is forbidden; even a hint of LH is not allowed.
  4. To spare yourself of LH do NOT mention names of others. LH by the spies came in 3 stages: LH on the Land, Moshe and then on G-d. Do not warm up to the idea of LH by indulging in idle talk, being social in parties, get on the phone with friends and on the internet
  5. Rashi: Moses sends spies for himself and chooses the most righteous, head of tribes, to spy the land. They were on the verge of entering the Land but a test was in order to see if they are ready. G-d said the mission is not necessary since I already said the land is good and of milk and honey. Moshe advices the spies to verify if the people are big or small, to check the trees and the fruit.
  6. Before they went for 40 days, Moshe changes Joshua’s name to Yehoshuah, (like Avraham, Yaacov and Eliyahu). The Zohar says (tikunim) 3 things can change a person’s fortune: name, place and deeds. G-d spells the name before the person is born; how then can we change that?
  7. The Wall of Life – At some point in the person’s life he gets stuck and everything stops hitting a wall and it affects negatively his wealth, work, health, relations and more, why? Such a person should consult a Rav and realize it’s time for change! Avoid anger and irritability, be kind to others and consider changing place – those who change place, change their fortunes (meshane makom, meshane mazal). When we stop growing, we go backward – either up or down
  8. Moshe saw that Joshua is hit a wall and stuck spiritually and was afraid he will be affected by the negativity of the spies since a person who is going up or down is vulnerable to sin – therefore he changed his name from Hoshea to Yehoshuah.
  9. Generally, a person should not tamper with his name by shorten it or lengthen it – this can affect his fortunes. Nick names should be added for purposes of blessings. Do not change your name arbitrarily.
  10. The spies are described as touring the land (Latur et Haaretz), not the same as the word “LaCharosh” or to spy at night by hearing the sentiments of the inhabitants of the land. The spies returned on the 9th of Av. They were supposed to go in and out and be a tourist who goes for pleasure.
  11. They saw the falling angels (Niphilim) who married women from earth. Two are still in the Far East spreading evil spirits. The spies brought huge and showed them to Moshe and the people (Vayarum); but they scared the people by telling them: do you know what a big mouth one needs to bite such a fruit?
  12. If one cannot see Israel as the land of milk and honey, it must be that he cannot connect to the land and must go to America. All the nations have theirs eyes on the Israel because their existence depends on it; they decided to return to Egypt.
  13. Calev and Yehoshua tried to calm everyone and tried to convince everyone that G-d has surrendered the nation into their hands. Why did the other spies spoke LH? Because they were on a high level in the dessert and were afraid to loose power by entering the land and risk loosing power. They could not give up the free food, clothing and G-d’s protection in the dessert. Calev and Yehoshuah said we can defeat them they are our “bread”
  14. Elevating Fallen Sparks – The Ben Ish Hai said a person comes to this world to uplifts the sparks of holiness. A person is a food processor made of pipes (gidim, nimim and orking) that squeeze out sparks of holiness when eating with the heart that makes everything work. Sifts out the good from the bad by pressing the foods making them ever smaller to squeeze up the sparks out for the soul to take. The soul that sits on the brain transports the sparks the heavens.
  15. Rabbi Kaduri was eating with high concentration to elevate the sparks in the foods. The liver, heart and brain (Kaved, Moach, Lev or Melech are at work to free the spars. This process is helped by our mediations and blessings
  16. The sparks in the food are names of God and angels that the soul returns back to G-d. This world is a big jail for angels and our job is to free (berrur nitzozot) and send them back upward. We do that by our body, our brains, wisdom and understanding necessary for our mission. In all our actions, we must mediate on our task to free the sparks. Failure to elevate the sparks causes ailments and misfortune by the angels that are stuck in the foods that we eat and prosecutes in heaven detailing our sins.
  17. Eating non Kosher foods causes the person to internalize bad sparks that bring chaos to the body and way of life and causes defilement of body and soul that causes stupidity (Veni-tam-tem Bam; from the word Veni-tme-tem Bam), this food clogs the veins and the brain and it causes sugar not to dissolved causing ailments. While eating, do not get angry, be indecent or callous about food. Do not waste food – it has sparks of holiness. Do not sample food items and throw out the rest; G-d is strict on that because of the hardship in food production that ends up disposed of callously.
  18. Afraid of The Obligations – Bene Yisrael had no obligations in the dessert, and could not do mitzvot, they had to follow the clouds at a moment’s notice. The spies were suppose to verify if we could keep the mitzvot. This is why Moses asks them to see if the land is “fat” or skinny” (shmena or raza - zara) – to see if we can be holy and free the sparks in the foods, otherwise the divine presence or Shechina will rest on them and cannot unify and rectify the heavens Olamot by uplifting them
  19. The spies wanted to see if we in the land can be like bees that are drawn to the honey and drown in it; to see if our soul will want to drown in G-d. Like the Serafim angels that burn to cling with G-d (Manoach and Yaacov were afraid to die seeing G-d or his angels). The best death is when the soul departs to join G-d. Those who are like angels never die and pass on to the next world and can control the angels and use their powers; and when they die, they become angels. On this the prophet said “The remnants of Jerusalem (Vehanotar Birushalaim)
  20. World sinking under water – in the book Galya Raza (by The Ari student, Avraham) it is said that in the last 240 years of the 6th millennium the world will sink under water and only the tzadikim will remain. They are called Ram and Amram (the lofty ones). The flood will come from below and only Israel will remain without flood. The ice melting in the poles by global warming is the catalyst. This is why they goyim want to be near us in order to survive.
  21. Amalek – Ram=Amalek who hates the Jew. Anyone who speaks with evil tongue and anyone who hates Jews carries Amalek inside him for which the punishment is cleansing by the flood of water. Just as Amalek drowned Israel by cooling off his faith in G-d, so will Amalek perish with flood of water. The spies saw Amalek and doubted our ability or even G-d’s ability to defeat Amalek (31 nations).
  22. Those who speak evil tongue about brothers, parents, friend, sages, and rabbis finally speak evil about G-d – they are Amalek. They and the listeners will loose the next world to come
  23. Satellite (LavYanim) are used to spy and can be used to transmit evil speech, to be contrary to Moses the Levitt (LavYanim) that guards his speech. We should not be afraid to be critical of people who speak with evil tongue because they have no fear of G-d (Yirat Shamyim)
  24. The spies spoke evil, G-d had elongated their tongues to the ground and ants eat their tongue with huge pain. It says if you guard your tongue, you become like G-d, otherwise you die like any other mortal (Elokim Atem Ubene Elion Koulchem, Achen KeAchad HaSarim Tipolu Ukene Adam Temutun). The Elixir of life is guarding the tongue from evil speech

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