הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: ***PARASHAT 'BEHA'ALOTCHA' MP3

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HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום ראשון, 10 ביוני 2007




פרשת "בהעלותך" להורדה/האזנה לחץ כאן

מעניני הפרשה: עניני הנבואה שבפרשה והחשיבות של הנבואה לעתיד לבוא, רוח הקודש והתנאים להשגת רוח הקודש והתכלית של רוח הקודש, עניני השמחה בעבודת השם, המעלה בקבלת עלבון והשתיקה, הלבושים הרוחניים, סוד המנורה והארת המנורה באדם, מרים הנביאה והחומרה שבה הקפידו עליה בעניין לשון הרע, המשיח והאופן שבו יקבל את רוח הנבואה, ענינה של המלחמה האחרונה שבפתח


  1. Several subjects: Aharon in charge of lighting the Menorah (Candle bra) with 7 branches whereby 3 lights from each side tilting toward the middle light. Next shaving the Levites of all hair and sanctify them to assume work in the temple in lieu of the first born (bechorot) who participated in the golden calf (Egel). Next the people Complain and tested G-d by demanding meat to eat and expressed disdain for the Mana (Food) and ignore the warnings to die while eating the meat; Moshe questions his abilities to provide so much meat? They also complained about prohibitions of promiscuity (Arayot) and incest. Finally two brothers of Moshe Eldad and Medad have Prophecy that Moshe will die in the dessert while Yehoshua will enter with the Israelites to the land; Tziporah hears that, and comments that the 2 will now divorce their wives; Miriam hears the comment and relates to Aharon; thereby the 2 were accused of Lashon Harah and Miriam was inflicted with Tzaraat
  2. The Menorah – to bring down Ohr Makif (surrounding Light) and Ohr Pnimi (internal light) from G-d, the Shechina that protects us from the Klipot and spare us from vices (Taavot). The light is not for G-d or the temple; G-d does not need the light. The 7 branches (lights) resemble the spiritual person that has 2 ears, 2 nostrils, 2 eyes, and 1 mouth for a total of 7 openings in the face. He created us nekavim nekavim; hallullim hallullimg (wholes and cavities) that capture the light from above that gives us life; each light has different purpose, abilities and gradual in power where the mouth is the lowest but has most power. All must be guarded; the tongue has double guards: teeth and lips because it’s the most dangerous weapon that can kill and destroy – life and death in the tongue!
  3. Shabbat candlesbring peace between couples or shalom bayit as well cancels in the shull that bring the shechina down to us. Candle is NeR = 250 and the gematriah of a combination of G-d’s names that are united; bring the Ohr Pnimi and Makif to protect us from Vices and promiscuity.
  4. At night we sleep and all face opening (nekavim) closed because the soul departs and ceases to provide energy to the 7 openings that must be infused daily with light. A person cannot go without sleep for more than 3 days. The soul regenerates us when it reenters us the morning. We get a renewed soul every day and add spiritual garments that we wear – when the person sheds the last spiritual garment he dies. The first morning prayer blessings allude to those spiritual clothing’s that we acquire daily
  5. Our sage slept less because they did not dirty the spiritual garments (clothes); the soul sits at the brain on a liquid – the soul drops a drop of oil that warms the liquid of the brain and gives life to all the face openings and our senses. This is why Moshe had difficulties building the menorah that can do so much for us
  6. Complains – the people complain for lack of cucumbers, melons, leeks, onion, garlic and fish; tired of Mana from heaven – they want steaks even as the Mana was delicious and could taste like any food they wanted; they were not satisfied with the perfect food that Angels and tzadikim eat; not a legitimate complain since they had plenty of cattle – they were merely testing G-d’s abilities if he could bring forth meat in the dessert. It was lack of faith that affected Moshe who protested he couldn’t carry their burden no more and wondered where to get so much food to millions of people. G-d replied to Moshe by transmitting prophecy among the elders
  7. Lashon Harah – Miriam heard Tziporah saying that Eldad and Medad also will abandon their wives like Moshe did me; and Miriam repeated that to Aaron and said since G-d speaks to us also: Do we need to divorce our spouses like Moshe did to Tziporah? Miriam meant no harm; but Moshe divorced Tziporah on the command of G-d since Moshe achieves a high level of holiness and can no longer live a mundane existence and continue to be connected with G-d
  8. G-d is upset Miriam, Aharon and Moshe – to teach us when a person speaks Lshon Harah all the 3 involved are punished: the teller, the listener and the one spoken about. Miriam meant well, yet her talk could have caused further lashon Harah which causes prophecy to cease or not come. Those who speak Lashon Harah cannot attach themselves to G-d and are punished with Tzaraat which unable a person to connect with G-d and cannot get prophecy
  9. The media today is the worst offender of Lashon Harah their power is in the mouth like Bilam – they can spill blood using the most powerful weapon and the cheapest – the mouth; and it’s being used by the media who destroys people
  10. Conditions for Prophecy –in the future we will all be prophets, Hashem will shine his light on us to get Ruach Hakodesh. G-d tells Moshe to gather 70 people 6 from each tribe (70=72-2) (lottery for 70 prophets or 72 less 2). But the 2 Eldad and Medad did not win the lottery, but got prophecy too and said: Moses will die and Yehoshua will enter the Israelites to Israel. Tziporah heard and related to Miriam her concern of them divorcing their wives like Moshe divorced her
  11. To get prophecy one must be joyous. Shaul was upset and had melancholy and envied David who was formidable and a great warrior and played the Kinor (fiddle) instrument and make Shaul feel good. We have 2 conflicting forces inside us – the bad evil (rah) force that causes us to do bad things and the good force. David with the Kinor took out the evil or rah from Shaul’s heart. We must be happy without worry, or bad thoughts – lest G-d will not reveal His holy spirit on us. Must be happy to get Ruach Hakodesh or Holy Spirit. Bitter people have not faith in G-d and cannot have the spirit of G-d. Without happiness, there is not goodness, happiness or Godliness. Must sing to G-d every moment and every day. Many rich people in hospitals have nothing to enjoy – only medicine. If you are not happy – you are attached to evil and sin. Wake up and sing to G-d everyday
  12. Pray with happiness; even though tears open all the doors but with happiness no door is necessary to open – they are open and you are already inside. Worship G-d from joy! That’s the sign of Emunah. We favor those who smile and make others smile. We must play an instrument to be happy to get prophecy or clap your hands, be happy. To achieve prophecy, push the problems out and be joyful
  13. Miriam says G-d talks to us too – but G-d replies: I speak to Moshe differently: face to face and yet he is the most humble and most trustworthy. I speak to him mouth to mouth and I am with him all the time; but with other prophets only in dreams. There are many levels of prophecy but Moshe can see G-d at any time.
  14. Rabbi Hayim Vital explains how to attain Holy Spirit: first you must have character or good Midot, and must be willing to be insulted by anyone like G-d who is always insulted; and be hit, spit on, shamed, ridiculed and NOT reply! The path to prophecy is: willingness to get insulted and not respond just like G-d who is always insulted “Toleh Eretz Al Belima” or the world is suspended on silence – on those who keep silence when insulted. Today, people only worry about materialism and not enough about the soul and spirituality. G-d’s presence or Shechina is down without mashiach here and Bet hamikdash still in ruins
  15. To attain prophecy, one might hear his insults and stay quite, being accused and yet forgives others; heaven forgives the sins of those who forgives others
  16. We should be content that G-d just loves us and we cannot worry what others say about us – this is brings us prophecy. Prophet sees that inside him there is G-d and he sees himself united with G-d in this world
  17. G-d speaks to the person who endures insults and is humble by giving him power. The condition to get prophecy is one’s exclusion and meditation (Hitbodedut and Prishut), speaking to G-d in plain language and ask: Dear G-d there are billions of people that you created, can I get just one person to marry, just one family with children, of all the trillions dollars and wealth in the world, can I get a few thousand dollars – you surely can give me just a little. Participate Him in everything, the dish you cook, to find a key, to be on time, to have health, sell the house or car, to find good friends and to find favor in the eyes of people
  18. How to Get Prophecy: Rabbi Hayim Vital, the student of the Ari says: find a quit place no noise and repeat a Torah verse or Tehillim over and over, backward and foreword many times until you hear a small explosion and a voice is heard revealing to you the profound secrets of the Torah. And eventually you will hear an angel that will answer questions and teach you secrets
  19. The Ramchal did certain Meditations (Yichudim) to bring a very lofty angel to teach him profound secrets of Kabbalah (the angel’s name Shema...el who is in charge of 3 angels: Mattat... Yeho... and Shem...). The power of the Hebrew letters is enormous; they become a weapon to destroy sorcery, black magic, tumah (contaminated spirits), to defeat enemies, amulets (segulot) to attain some material things, ward off evil eye and mostly to receive great revelations in torah learning; that is the purpose of prophecy. The mekubalim use this weapon of fast repeating a verse backward and forward like a sword
  20. Our generation is almost ready to receive prophecy and see angels because of its ever getting closer to G-d. Mekubalim are strict to wear white, paint white walls, and wear clean cloths because in Olam Habah (the next world) you will wear the outfits you wear here
  21. The wife of Manoach, mother of Shimshon prayed until an angel was revealed to her and her husband. To have prophecy, you have to be constantly holy, always praying and thinking about G-d and angels for 24/7. This is what Moshe did to get a high level of prophecy – he could not go back
  22. Mashiach will achieve a higher prophecy than Adam who knew G-d and Moshe who spoke to G-d face to face; our corporeal bodies cannot experience G-d, only Mashiach can as it says “Venissa Vegah Meod” can see G-d and not die like us on mount Sinai. Mashiach will have tremendous powers, death cannot scare him nor the angel of death, and he will unite together the 4 elements (fire, water, earth and air) much like Hevron uniting the four couples inside the cave.
  23. Mashiach will be able to kill with his mouth, resurrect the dead and usher us into a new world without jealousy, evil, war, death or poverty. People will be beautiful and smarter than angels not like now dirty and covered with layers of contaminations of evil and vices. At that time, Mashiach will peel off the Klippot (layers of defilements) for us to achieve supernal splendor (Zihara Ilaa) and only happiness and joy. No sorrow, wars, trears or sadness.
  24. Days of Mashiach – started with wars that we have today and will end with Armageddon (Gog and Magog). People in Bene Berak, Israel are gathering food and preparing for war. It’s up to us to have Gog and Magog of Yechezkel or Zecharia (one devastating mostly to mankind but not to us)
  25. Shederot: Each Kassam rocket has an address, we cannot rely on our powers to defeat Hamas, we must rely on our G-d, have faith and pray (Tefilah); start praying now for yourself and your family, cleanse and rectify your heart. Seven years of Kassam rocket attacks is a sign for us not to rely of a government of man but on G-d. Use an Army, use weapons but also pray to G-d with each and every bullet you shoot
  26. Shderot (broadcast) is a hint to broadcast our prayers to G-d. Our wisdom and mighty Army became useless against primitive rockets from Hamas. The answer is prayer; there is no place to hide. Shderot is just an example and a warning for the rest of us in Israel to turn to prayer, to turn to G-d
  27. Lebanon II – all the fire power of the Israeli air force did nothing; Hizbollah is now 10 times stronger, the more you hit them the stronger they get, because we are not using our spiritual power along with the physical power: we are fighting with one hand behind our back – we need both emuna and the sword. Moshe was praying and defeating the angel of the enemy above while Yehoshua was fighting the physical war below. David also prayed and fought
  28. This war was not for economic or territorial claims – it was only about who believes in G-d and doe not; about who wants G-d, and about who does not. It was about Ishmael trying hard in a nasty way to bring us to rely on G-d and turn to Him; even as Ishmael had different intentions to just kill

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