הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: 20 ביוני 2007

עבור תרומות לעמותת זוהר הרקיע:

תרומה לעמותת זוהר ההרקיע

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום רביעי, 20 ביוני 2007





פרשת "חקת" להורדה/האזנה לחץ כאן

מענייני הפרשה: הלכות לשון הרע, חוקי התורה לא מחייבים היגיון, פרה אדומה ותכליתה, מהי הטומאה וכיצד נטהרים מסוגי הטומאה, סוד הטל אורות , אדם טמא יכול להתעסק עם מלאכים?! מה הסכנה שבכך, להבדיל איך הגיע אפר פרה אדומה לארי הקדוש, איך ייתכן שמשה רבנו לא נכנס לארץ ישראל, כל דור יש לו את הדיבור שאיתו השם מדבר והקשר בין הדיבור שבקש השם ממשה לדבר ומה שעשה משה בפועל, מאיפה באים הרהורים רעים ופחדים? , מהי יראה נפולה , והעיצה לבטחון בשם


  1. From last parasha to this parasha 38 years have elapsed in the dessert and the old generation that sinned in the spy case have died. Two important topics: The Parah Aduma (red heifer) and the incident of Moshe hitting the rock thereby forfeiting entering the land of Israel. It is difficult to understand RH because the ashes defile the one administering the ashes of the burned Parah Aduma and in the same time it purifies the defiles contaminated person. We will explain why G-d was so angry with Moshe and also how spiritual contamination works.
  2. Lashon Harah or Evil Speech – First the people are complaining to Moshe for taking them to a place where there are no figs and pomegranates and also complain for lack of water and speak lashon harah against Moshe, G-d and the land. Parents are also forbidden to listen to lashon harah from their kids; siblings are also under the laws of lashon harah and one cannot speak evil of his family members, parents, and relatives or between spouses. lashon harah leads to strife, disagreements and separation. You must reprove spreaders of lashon harah but if your criticism is going to increase animosity, refrain from reprove. Ignore people who will NOT accept your warnings, stay away from them and do not take risk in reproving someone that will end up costing you your job or your money. The Chafetz Hayim composed a prayer to spare us from hearing, telling or accepting lashon harah, use it!
  3. Tumah or Spiritual Defilement – how does one become contaminated and how does one become purified again; what are the methods of purification?
  4. Our Torah is made of Mitzvot (logical commandments), Chukim (Illogical laws). Such laws must be observed based on faith; but can also be comprehended with Kabbalah to the initiated. Not everyone is fit to know the Kabbalistic reasons!
  5. Humans are made of mater and spirit and not immune to Tumah, a goy does not transmit tumah at death. At night when the soul departs, the Tumah comes in since the light of the soul is gone and defiled spiritual forces can come in; the soul that is driving the body is absent. This results are contaminations from a body without soul that resembling a dead body.
  6. In the morning we expel Tumah via the end points of the body, the 10 fingers when we wash our hands and make the blessings. The finger nails in the hands and feet allow for the Tumah to eject but keep the energy of the soul in. Do not touch anything before washing in the morning in order not to transmit to them Tumah – not even your cloths
  7. You must put next to you water to wash immediately 3 times back and forth to remove the tumah force called Shilta from you. King Solomon instituted washing the hands; a person who enters the temple defiled is punished by death, there are many forms of tumah; but tumah of the dead is the worst and can only be removed with ashes of Parah Aduma (red heifer) or waters of the Nidah.
  8. They burned a pure Parah Aduma that had 100% red hair, and only a pure man can take the ashes; but even if we had a perfect Parah Aduma no one is pure to make the ashes. The gemarah says it can be done if we have a new born placed in an island and only he can gather the ashes.
  9. How did we get the first ashes? When the Israelites were in Sinai, the tumah stopped by a special light from G-d and we had pure undefiled people to gather the ashes.
  10. The snake defiled Eve who passed the defilement to Kayin who became murderer. Adam’s numerical value is 45; but when a person dies he looses the TaL lights (39) less 45 (YKVK spelled with aleph) = 6. Adding 39 to the 6 to become 45 and be Adam again; the formula to resurrect the dead. The 39 lights enter the Luz bone that remains in the grave to make 39+6=45 or Adam by spreading to his bones and regrows the entire body. He rises up as he was but gets a perfect body
  11. It is forbidden to mention names of Angels because they will come to us; because we are not pure they may harm us (pure meeting with impure). The angel comes by forcing him to appear to us by oath but only if we are pure.
  12. The Ari used angels to get info on people for their rectification since the angels know our roots. R. H Vital asked the Ari how did he get the ashes to be pure? The Ari was secluded for 7 years until Elijah the prophet revealed to him where to find the ashes to purify himself.
  13. We must know the angels to transport our prayers up and must know where they stand and how they operate? The students of the Ari brought down angels in the woods and silenced the lions by blinding them. The Ari was upset because they caused the angels to become impure and put them at risk to lose their ability to return to heaven thereby causing a blemish in the upper worlds. such offenders must fast 40 days. In Egypt, G-d himself had to come down because the tumah of the Egyptians was so great that it could harm angels
  14. The Tumah in our generation is worst; in Egypt the tumah was at the level of 49 gates but in our generation it reached the 50th gate from which there is no return and that person is called “Tameh Leolam” forever contaminated (like nuclear radiation stricken).
  15. You must refrain from touching a Nidah and add tumah. But since we have no ashes and were all “Tameh Met” why worry about “Tumat Nidah”? We must not add more Tumah and even if we touch our privates we must wash our hands to remove the extra tumah. Added tumah causes forgetfulness, disease and misfortune since the klippot get hold of the person. Do not belittle any kind of Tumah since it makes life that much more difficult (creates a negative force that tampers with everything a person does causing him to continuously fail and make mistakes). But to comprehend Torah, G-d and His creation, one must be first and foremost decontaminated and pure. A tameh cannot reach G-d, his prayers are not effective. For our prayers to be heard, we have to shake ourselves of our Tumah.
  16. Use water to purify yourself by washing hands and going to Mikveh; stay clean at all times (women must wash themselves more often because of Eve and the snake). Cleanliness brings purity, which brings exclusion, which brings the spirit of G-d to the person; by keeping purity of the hands because the soul detects purity and is observing the tips of the fingers to check. The end parts of the body are the conduit to tumah (hand and feet fingers, mouth and reproductive organs).
  17. The soul detects the tumah by being on the fingers’ tips; our soul bless others via the hands since the soul energy is transmitted via the hands as it is written for the Kohanim to put their fingers on us and G-d will bless us. Blessings are done via a light from the soul coming out of the fingers. A light from the soul via the fingers can blind a person. Keep the hands and fingers clean to transmit positive energy. A person who keeps his hands clean can always do Teshuvah. A person who belittles hand washing is punished by death. The secret of being wealthy is to wash the hands with a lot of water. Today water is abundant and so the global wealth. As the world spiritual contamination increase so did the availability of water to purify us – indeed “wondrous the ways of G-d”. No more excuses!
  18. Resurrection of the death, our wealth, our Olam Habah and our health are dependent on washing our hands, general cleanliness and purity of our body. Clean body and hands can draw the supernal light more easily; and uncleanliness is impediment to the light. The Entire Torah is structured on the notion of Tumah and Taharah; and this is why the parasha’s main focus is on the impurity from a dead corps and the ashes to purify those contaminated
  19. Why not any cow? Why must it be red? Kabbalah teaches that we must rectify a sin from its root. Hence Red which is the color of Din or judgment. PaR (ox) is Din, Peh and Resh of PR = 280. All end points (and corners) are Din just like the end points of a man hands, feet and mouth are Din because Tumah latches on via our end points. The 5 ending letters MNZPCh are Din that adds up to 280 or PaR meaning Perud or separation. Word in Hebrew that starts with P and R signify separation, which permits tumah to latch on.
  20. Dead person effectively separates himself (from the life force of G-d) reverting to the 4 elements Fire, Water, Air and Dirt. A live person connects the 4 elements just like Hebron connects the 4 couples. The soul is connected by the 4 levels of the soul Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama and Haya. This is the secret of YKVK, if a person is complete in the 4 levels of the soul, YKVK take control of the person
  21. When a person is defiled he can be murderous from the Tumah that can cause corruption, lying, adultery, abuse, malignant speech; just look at the media and the politicians who are infectious. Also causes ill thoughts, conniving, trickery, dishonesty, disloyalty, strife, jealousy, competition, thievery and evil. The media only reports evil; good deeds are of no interest. Look at the politician getting caught in embezzlements, sexual misconduct, accusations and self interest. All because they are not keeping purity
  22. By keeping purity we become more ethical and have good manners and good character; we must safeguard our thoughts and our actions. The impure causes separation of G-d too as it is said: He separates himself and also separates G-d casing the YKVK to be separated. The angels hate tumah in humans. Water, Torah, ethics, good speech, good deeds good thoughts and Mikvah purify us. To purify oneself one must begin with Teshuvah and only then immerse in water
  23. Impurity affects your believes, faith and confidence, and makes one paranoid about the wife, the kids, the business partners, the stock portfolio, health, the future, the neighbors, the authorities, society and of course the in-laws. Reb Nachman said the fears are the demons that control the person as a result of lack of fear in G-d and lack of faith. People who constantly check their pockets to see if the wallet is still there? Or wake up in the middle of night with sweat are punishments for the acquisition of tumah. People with taharah have no extraneous fears; they have only the fear of G-d! It’s a good idea to check one’s faith regularly and be like the Baal Shem Tov who had no saving and spent all his earnings daily to force himself to depend of G-d every day (he was wagon coach); in today jargon he was a day trader that took no positions overnight! A person who is always fearful must have something to be fearful of. Torah law requires a thief to pays 4 or 5 times; a robber in daylight twice. Purity gives confidence!
  24. Moses Not Entering the Land – very sad, we merited to get in but not Moshe! Why? After all his greatness; because he and Aharon did not sanctify Hashem in front of Israel. How does a person do things beneath his stature and dignity? Many of us wonder “what did I do?” “How could I do such a thing?” Very simple: when a person defiles himself by actions or by thoughts. Bad thoughts definitely defile a person! Such as jealousy, adultery, Lashon Harah; halach does not punish for bad thoughts but Kabbalah does from heaven! Kabbalah demands purity of thoughts all the time otherwise the pure soul leaves and the person is left to the dominion of the negative forces and the vices of the body. The soul stays out until he changes his thoughts. Some stop the bad thoughts and reclaim their soul while others continue until they carry out their skims into action. Bad thoughts are worst than actual manifestations because they defile the person. So much more when a person touches tumah – it latches onto him until the day he dies if he does not purify himself (Inu Bakevel Raglo – kevel=kelev) Yossef almost failed with the wife of Potifar because of his thoughts. A dog accompanies the adulterer until his last day before Olam Habah.
  25. G-d told Moshe “speak” to the rock to get water; but Moshe hit the rock and none the less got water; but it made G-d angry to the point of saying that Moshe and Aharon did not have faith in G-d! Moshe the faithful shepherd of G-d was accused of lack of faith? Why did G-d asked him to take the staff? Which confused Moshe who thought he might need both to speak and hit the rock. He was not allowed to enter the land for hitting and not speaking to the rock. R. Moshe Ashpizai said that G-d hinted to Moshe that speech is all that is necessary since Bene Israel matured and do not require the stick (violence and brutality stopped). Only speech and dialogue at the table to resolve conflicts (like Moshiach). The United Nations created to resolve conflict by speech, yet violence plagues all nations; the solution is TALK! Today people are arrested for using violence and we have arrived to the final generation that must TALK, makes a living by talk and speak well. To succeed today one must polish his speech to achieve incredible career heights (all in the influence of the tongue). With good and pure speech one can get good education, career, have influence and power.
  26. G-d is educating Moshe that Israel has reached a higher level that does not require the stick, it only requires the power of speech; (and even the rock that you hit last time no longer needs the stick, only the speech (recite a Pereck to the rock). Moshe did not comprehend the new reality and therefore can no longer be the leader. The generation of the dessert (Dor Deah – Leach) is dead and the new one that is entering the land is the generation of Rachel (higher level of Shechina) that has higher souls – that Talks! The Jews of Israel are brighter just like the Yerushalmi is of higher level; the Gemarah says “Babli Tipshai he” (for those of lesser intelligence); the air of Israel makes people more intelligent, hence Israel’s High Tech. Refrain from any type of tumah especially that of the filthy mouth!


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