הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: 6 ביולי 2007

עבור תרומות לעמותת זוהר הרקיע:

תרומה לעמותת זוהר ההרקיע

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום שישי, 6 ביולי 2007




פרשת "פינחס" להורדה/האזנה לחץ כאן

מעניני הפרשה: הלכות לשון הרע, סוד המדבר שהוא גילוי הדיבור, מה המבחן בעולם הזה? ,שאלות ותשובות בעניני בחירה ,השגחה, ניסיונות ואמת, סוד כזבי בת צור מול סוד פינחס, סוג ה "ו" שצריכה להלקח מעשו באחרית הימים, שמע ישראל ה' אלוקינו ה' אחד יביא את משיח צדקנו לפי מה שחלם הרב עובדיה יוסף


  1. Lashon Harah (evil speech) – the press already bashes the presumed innocent way before he is proven guilty. We are not permitted to hear accusations until proven in a court of law. Are we to keep distance from accused people by the press and are we even allowed to hear those accusations? We must differentiate between hearsay and assassination of character and we must be mindful of the suffering of the family who did nothing wrong; and should the accused’s job be affected? It is the person’s enemies who spread lashon harah – don’t listen.
  2. Even after a court trial, we must ask if the accused was charged justifiably? The halacha says the rumors of wrongdoing must continue for over 1.5 days with intensity for us to engage in the conversations; but if after 1.5 days the rumors stop – we are not permitted to continue the discussions. If the rumors persist for a period of time, one is permitted to cast doubt on the accused and we may voice an opinion that disqualified him for the office he tarnished.
  3. For example a Cohen that married a divorcee, his kids are considered “Hallallim” devoid of the priestly holiness and cannot have a first Aliah or do the priestly blessings. Same for someone accused of being a “Mamzer” bastard; the product of forbidden relationship such as a child has no rectification; cannot marry a Jew.
  4. Truth and Falsehood – The Zohar says this world is mostly of falsehood “Alma D’Shikra” the world of lies that is fleeting. People lie to one another and to themselves for selfish petty gains; even to the point of changing external appearance, color the hair, do plastic surgery, lie about age and qualifications, hide defects from potential spouse, lie about income and live above their means. Falsehood has only one leg and it’s like someone standing on only one leg; he will get tired quickly. Truth is lasting forever; G-d, Torah and creation are called eternal truth. We sidestep the truth because it’s difficult to face up to it and it’s hard struggle to uphold the truth. But in the final analysis we all want the truth because it sustains the world. Truth is eternal life; lies are death and falsehood. Many giants of the Jewish people struggled to bring forth the truth to mankind.
  5. The Dessert – The secret existence of Israel in the dessert is to know the words of G-d, the truth; dessert means, “to speak”. Israel heard G-d speak in the dessert, the place of G-d’s speaking truth. In the dessert, G-d spoke and it so it came to be – all His words came true (unlike the words of humans that may or may not come true). The next world is the world of truth; but this world is of lies and truth – it’s up to us to choose the truth according to Torah.
  6. We are here to be tested it we love G-d and to make choices of good over evil. If you do everything truthfully, G-d will reveal Himself to you and give you prophecy and you will be connected to the world of truth. Only someone who experience G-d can know the truth; experienced G-d as stated in Nitzavim “All of you who are here; those are present and those who are not” and all of you are alive today and your eyes see and your ears hear that which is eternal. Our truths and convictions come from G-d; people who do not refer to G-d will not be able to uphold the truth at the moment of truth (when the test comes).
  7. In the dessert Israel discovered the truth, and even a maiden slave saw more than the prophet “Ben Boozi”. This generation of the dessert known as “Dor De’ah” great knowledge of G-d albeit for only 40 years but it dissipated after entering the land. Subsequently, G-d sent an angel before us to the point today where there is little left if any of the holly spirit. When we do his will, G-d draws us ever closer to him. But the more we sin, the more we become distant from G-d (iron curtain). When we become worthy, G-d will send the Messiah to draw us ever closer to Him. But G-d still watches over us even as we stray from him but He distanced himself from us for our own good. The good person is always close to G-d; but the bad is distanced from Him and both know it when it happens.
  8. Korach also wanted to achieve the purpose of creation – the truth! He asked Moshe on a Blue (Techelet) prayer shawl (Tachlit). The blue color signifies the heavens, the purpose, and the truth. We cannot stand up to the truth; if G-d revealed Himself and His truth to us, we would not be able exist and we would evaporate. Truth is such a difficult thing to face up to that even if we only had a minimal truth, G-d would make his appearance to us. Look at our leaders and our justice system that is unable to uphold the truth. We don’t know how to live with the truth! Only by following Torah and mitzvot, de we experience truth. When we live outside torah and mitzvot, we live in falsehood. One cannot reach the ultimate truth without G-d’s Torah that is G-d’s name. Only 100% truth is truth!
  9. Zimri the redeemer – had the spark of Messiah and the spark of Shimeon that at the age of 13 he went to rescue his sister Dina from Shechem Ben Chamor telling her to sever her forbidden relationship with a Goy and return home, but she refused and he promised to marry her. She embodied judgment. Moshe set out to rectify judgment by going to Ethiopia, becoming King and not touch the Queen (put a sword between him and her) and by marrying Tzipporah the Midianite (of judgment) who had was spiritually the most difficult type of judgement (Kushite) and succeeded in sweetening the judgment.
  10. Shimeon also was harsh judgment “Dina Kashia” and he and Levy went to rectify the harsh judgment of the world. Since then many people in the history of mankind who see evil, despair over it and want to rectify it! Everyone “sings” the same tune of a desire to change the world for the better (Zimri – to sing). To be all united, good, just, equitable, healthy, fairness to all, etc., But most of us are doing this over coffee and ice cream at the side pool while ignoring our next-door neighbor who is starving, sick and penny less. Talk is cheap! But, the real Mashiach who knows the truth is going out to fight for the truth to the death because truth “EMET” is made of either “Aleph” (number 1) or “MET” (death) – no in between. Aleph is G-d’s name.
  11. Zimri saw how G-d is with Moshe and inquired what will it take to be like Moshe, so he went and took Cozbi (falsehood) forcing a test on himslf to emulate Moshe and reach Moshe’s greatness of communication with G-d. Zimri took the harshest judgement in the form of the daugther of Tzur (divine) “Nukbah” female. To redeem Am Israel by standing up to falsehood (Cosbi) but failed; it takes tremendous powers to overcome the enormous forces of evil that very few can cope with. In every generation, G-d points to a potential Mashiach that He test for the task; but the person always fails.
  12. Saviors Come and Go – Many people have this notion to redeem the world and even try fasting, learning, live a special life; but in the end they fail. Droyani 500 years ago set up to slaughter the evil that is inside all of us. G-d tested him by telling him not to feed Mr. Evil until he is slaughtered. Just before killing him, evil asked for food and was given some perfume to smell, which was enough for Evil to swallow this righteous Kabbalah causing him to convert to Christianity.
  13. King David asked G-d to test him and replied you will surely fail; yet David took the challenge and failed with Bat-Sheva (Sanhedrin). You want to save the world and be Mashiach – stop daydreaming and be prepared to be put to a test. No one today has the power to pass this test that is pre-requisite to becoming Mashiach.
  14. To Reveal you must Hide – Kissuyo Hu Giluyo – if you want to reveal the truth, you must hide it. To reveal something, you must hide it dress or cloth it. To reveal a tree, we hid a seed in the ground. By doing mitzvot we form Chaluka De’Rabanan. ZahariEl is doing Mitzvot reveals the name of G-d. When we perform Mitzvot, we dress or cloth G-d therby revealing him. A king on earth reveals himself only after is dressed. The mitzvot are the dresses “Levushim” by which G-d is revealed. The Lubbavicher Rebbe used to say G-d’s garment is all but ready ready except for one last button to be sawed on.
  15. Rabbi Ovadia Yossef – said that if all Am Israel recite the :Shema”, G-d will reveal himself to us. Mashiach revealed himself to the Rabbi in the Kotel and said if ONE million children recite the Shema, he will come to redeem Am Israel.
  16. Pinchas – What is the secret of Zimri Ben Salu (head of Shimeon Tribe) that sinned with Cozbi Bat Tzur (Princess) on the advice of Bilam to Balak in last parasha? The 2 come in front of Moshe who was crying with Aharon; Zimry asked Moshe who permitted you to marry Tzipporah the Midyanite? Zimri was mistaken in his criticism of Moshe since he married Tzipporah before the giving of the torah; yet Moshe may have converted Tziporah. But now, after the giving of Torah, we are not permitted to marry non-Jews and cannot mix with them because of our special bond with G-d. Hence the plague that killed 24,000 Israelite that was halted when Pinchas killed Zimri and Cosbi with a spear. G-d tells Moshe Zimri will be forever a priest that he was not annoited before. The emphasis in this parasha is on the prohibition of marrying a non-Jew by a Jew.
  17. The Mouth – Pinchas is the secret of “Mouth of the Snake” (Pi Nachash) and if you take out the Nun from PiNchas what’s left is PESACH; the secret of Eliyahu who is destined to herald the coming of the Mashiach (Hamevasser) on Passover. The mouth of G-d that rectified Israel in the dessert (by speaking truth) will send another mouth at the time the final generation and reveal the Mashiach. Pinchas is Eliyahu, and is Nadav and Avihu. Pinchas (Eliyahu) will rectify “our” mouth.
  18. Rectifying the mouth – before doing anything, we must rectify the mouth by speaking truth; heart and mouth must be equal. Think truth and you will reach this level of rectifying the mouth. Pinchas stood up and told Am Israel you must be the people of truth and for that G-d made him a covenant of eternal truth. The Vav of “Brity Shalom” in the Torah is broken because Yaacov and Eliyah both lost the Vav from their names – it’s hiding in Essav’s ankle.
  19. Rabbi Kaddori – Mashiach is ready to be revealed and is only missing the Vav. In the end of times we will recapture the Vav from Essav and give it to Eliyah and Yaacov to make them Eliyahu and Yaacov with Vav. This will happen in the 6000 millennium on the 600th year, the 60th decade, the 6th month, the 6th hour, the 6th minute. The secret of the Vav is the sword beheads the Nachash (snake, evil).
  20. How to Bless –Moshe is told to go to the top of the mountain to see the land but may not enter it. Moshe request that Am Israel shall have a leader (Moshe’s son) but G-d informs him Yehoshua will be the next leader who was not particularly great. G-d instructs Moshe to transfer to Yehoshua “some” of his splendor; but Moshe transfer everything to Yehoshua by placing both hands on Yehoshua’s head to empty himself into Yehoshua. A true blessing is given when a person pour himself into the one being blessed, giving him all his spiritual powers. This is what Moshe did. When he saw Yehoshua and G-d speaking, Moses took Yehoshua aside and asks him what did G-d tell you? To which yehoshua replied “I never asked you what G-d said to you”; at that moment Moshe raised his eyes to the heavens and said “I shall die 100 times, but I will never envy Yehoshua”; this is after Moshe gave Yehoshua everything to enable him to pass Am Israel across the Jordan River to the promised land. In Mashiach time the light of the moon (Yehoshua) will shine like the Sun; and the light of the Sun’s light will shine seven fold.


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