הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: ***PARASHAT 'BE'HAR-BE'CHUKOTAY' MP3

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HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום ראשון, 10 ביוני 2007




פרשת "בהר-בחוקותי" להורדה/האזנה לחץ

מעניני הפרשה: קדושת הארץ ושמיטה, תנאים והבטחות של השם בפרשת בחוקותי עם הבטה לקורה כיום, מחכים ליהודים האחרונים שיעלו ארצה, סוד קבורת הצדקים שנמצאים בחו"ל, חיזוקים באמונה


  1. Behar – is about the holiness and sanctification of the land of Israel (Kedusha). The land must remain follow to show our faith that we depend on G-d for our existence and not on our efforts to cultivate the land. Because G-d makes it all happen. Not permitted to do any type of work on the 7th year called Shemita
  2. The main subject is the sanctification of the land: we sanctify a wife via marriage, Shabbat from week days, the Temple, the Kohanin, people, rosh chodesh, time, the 7th year and the 50th year or Yovel – because G-d is holy
  3. Sanctify means to separate and to make choices between holy and unholy, pure and defiled, good and evil.
  4. On the 50th (after 7 x 7=49) the land goes back to its original owners. The Yovel or Jubilee includes the totality of Israel and it includes everything; it is the year the “mother” the sefirah (and partzuf) Bina – which gives birth to everything
  5. Shemita – the farmers do not work the land that remains fallow. There are opinions on whether we should keep shemita today? The Chazon Ish says yes! Does it include all the land; even the Arab land? What are Arab farmers get unfair advantages and monopoly – should we observe the shemita laws even if it damages Jewish farmers? Some are more strict than others
  6. Man becomes holy on the 7th year; by letting the land rest it renews its strength and gives us superb produce that is tastier and not just pretty. We get 3 years of produce during the 6th year.
  7. If a goy works the land, are we allowed to eat the produce? Most believe NO. Others think even if the goy only touches the cases of produce it makes them permissible to eat.
  8. Zohar asks why is it important to have Tzaraat on the homes in Canaan, a human disease on the walls, for what purpose? Answer: In order to find the treasures the Canaanites hid and left for us; a lot of gold and silver was found
  9. G-d warns us if we do not observe Shemitah, there will be exile to force rest (shemita) on the land. Why is the land being the punished by becoming desolate? For each shemita we did not observe we go out to exile for 1 year. We went out to 70 years exile of Babel because we did observe shemitot. The land will rest one way or the other. Only when we came back to Israel, did the land started to give produce – until then it was left barren – preserved for us, the same way we left it
  10. The land senses the man’s sin that roams over it. If sages are hated, the land will spit its inhabitants. The entire world wants the Jewish state since the last 100 years because the land is holy and has great features. There is commandment to love the land if Israel, it’s special, it belongs to G-d, it is G-d’s chosen palace, it’s His home and it’s the land from which Adam was made
  11. On the Shemitah year we must respect the land, G-d is like a huge jewel, (Yahalom) same letters as Elohim. Israel only has salt and not much natural recourse. But it’s unique that it has the real diamond of holiness, G-d’s light that gives wisdom and other properties; only if we are holy, ... if we follow the laws of G-d. One Jew using his wisdom can be more productive than 1.4 billion Chinese and can produce more wealth than all of them together.
  12. Israel is the place to prepare the vessel to receive G-d’s wisdom, abundance and Olam Haba – if we do the mitzvot. Torah is the best vessel for that
  13. How are we supposed to exist during the Shemita year? Who will work? After all many Tanaaim worked hard and unpleasant menial works? Rabbi Shimon asked how a person is supposed to exist if he only learns all day. What if all of us did that? How are we going to pay the bills? The answer is that some will work and some will learn (Yissachar and Zevullun model).
  14. It’s important to work and learn and be honest, we were cursed to work, and it’s imperative. Many mitzvot are land oriented, cannot be done without being a farmer. He who supports himself in honest, he will be worthy or Olam Haba. But we must support those who can sit and learn and we will participate in their merit
  15. G-d asks: and if you shall ask what will we eat on the 7th year? G-d answers you will get 3 year of produce in the 6th year, if you do my commandments. This is the secret of our faith and it was done for hundreds of years.
  16. G-d preserved the land for us: no other people could conquer it and make it theirs. There is mitzvah to just walk the land like Abraham who walked the land back and forth. People feel the difference between being in Israel and abroad
  17. Behukotai – many punishments if we do not follow the mitzvot; but if we do, there will be peace. No peace for the land without G-d that means peace. No amount of land given to the Arabs will make peace with Israel, only following the mitzvot will bring peace with our neighbors. Arabs (Moslems) only have oil; we have spirituality and Godliness which we are about to reveal the world – they are afraid of us, 1.25 billion Moslems in the world are afraid of 6 million Jews
  18. AM (Aharon-Moshe; AsterMordechai) guards Israel: AM means “MOTHER” or IMA, which is the secret of redemption. Because of Shemita (7) observance we will be redeemed and in 18 prayer the 7 blessing is of redemption (Geulah)
  19. Yovel or 50th year, we all must be in Israel to celebrate; and if all of us came to Israel (14 million), it will be redemption (Geulah). Jews are Jews, no such thing as secular Jews (Chiloni); there are only Jews not yet informed or not yet observing. They have the soul to be great and to repent.
  20. The Lubbavitch Rebbe did not enter the land of Israel (like Reb Nachman came and left, the Babba Salli who came, left and came, Moses who did not enter. The stayed out to gather the last remnants like a good shepherd that does not go home until the entire flock is in safely. They want to gather the last one of us. Moses refuses to enter heaven until all Jews return to Israel; the tzaddikim stay out to guard the flock outside Israel
  21. During Shemita, G-d promises to feed us, to spare us of wars and all eliminate all weapons; not even fake one.
  22. But if you say it’s all by accident (chance), G-d will bring on us fear, panic, disease, robbers, thieves, wars, famine, unemployment, inflation, fear of loosing one’s job, fear of one’s spouse, epidemics, stocks that go down and wild beasts
  23. Wild beasts or Chaya Raah are today “car accidents” – more people die from that than from all the wars in Israel. Road rage and brutality are another form of fear as well as the panic from the Lebanon II war where 1 million left their homes , all as a result of not following the Mitzvot or commandments
  24. We have to test ourselves if we have Bitachon (faith) in the creator or are we afraid of our shadow. The Rabbi went in the middle of the night to the woods to test his faith and was very scared? This is a defective fear of G-d; he also entered Jericho alone during his Army service and was scared
  25. What is a “Chance” (or Keri)? Is there such a thing as by accident? When you find $100 3 days in a row, is that an accident? No! When matters repeat themselves consistently – it’s not a game of chance – it’s G-d behind everything. When the same events keep reoccurring, start to ask you questions???
  26. G-d gets angry with people who say “All By Chance” The body parts function because G-d commands them to do so as well as the stars and galaxies. Everything created and functions so that we make it to Olam Habah (next world). The secret of this parasha is to see G-d as guiding the world not by chance
  27. Some do not see any G-d’s intervention and cannot see his guidance. They are not connected and get no clues to assist them. But if you do the Mitzvot you will get clues and signs that will let you are being safe guarded.
  28. If you believe in G-d, he makes His presence know to you in a NATURAL way (measure for measure)
  29. The bet din kills an ox that gores because the ox gets the force of MAZLAH that drives it to act. People also act on intuition which spares people from disease, death and accidents; it Devine Providence (Hashgaha Pratit) from above. But if people think it’s only an accident, they get warnings to the contrary to show it’s not an accident. We must admit that G-d is behind everything
  30. Just pray to G-d for whatever you want or need, even the little things; continue to do it until you are answered. Pray to find the car keys, to heal the children, parnassa, and success with finding a job. Turn your desires to G-d; but the heart and mouth must be equal. It’s not testing G-d and it can strengthen the faith in G-d
  31. We have no worthy leaders in Israel today, that is why Olmert still in power – no worthy substitute (religious or not). There is going to be a revolution in Israel to bring G-d’s Kingdom to rule
  32. King Hordus’ grave was discovered this week his funeral was 2,100 years ago. This is very important to prove to the Moslems who deny our past existence in Israel. Last month they protested the finding beneath the Temple and this month they got a new finding. Flavious was a Jewish historian in the royal court and credible; he was smart to write everything about Hordus the King but his burial place that took 34 years to discover. Hordus was an Adomite and he was a master builder and was married the Hasmonite (Maccabbe) woman. May be Flavious anticipated that there will be grave robbers and kept the grave site concealed; which helps us today against the false arguments of Moslems.

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