הרב המקובל שמעון דהן דהאן שליט"א HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita: ***PARASHAT 'BA'MIDBAR' MP3

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HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita

HaRav HaMekubal Shimon Dahan Shlita
הרב שמעון דהן (דהאן) שליט"א

יום ראשון, 10 ביוני 2007





פרשת "במדבר" להורדה/האזנה לחץ

מעניני הפרשה:סוד פרשת במדבר, תכלית היציאה למדבר, מעבדות לחירות, הר סיני, שנאת עם ישראל בקרב האומות, חג השבועות, היחודיות של עם ישראל, מעמד הר סיני, גדול המצווה ועושה מהלא מצווה, האחדות של עם ישראל, מיהו היהודי? , תורה של מלאכים או בני אדם? , סוד הברור הרוחני של היהודי שנותן לו חיים, איך להכיר את השם יתברך, מצוות ללמוד וללמד, לידת דוד המלך ע"ה והקשר שלו לחג השבועות, השורשים של דוד המלך, מגילת רות

Bamidbar, Ruth and Shavuot

  1. Sinai, probably the most significant event for Israel where we become people, united, accepted the Torah and received a new soul that connects us with G-d; who is protecting us by “counting” us “set us under the “flags” and giving us the Torah enabling us to survive under harsh conditions and hate from the rest of the world
  2. The parasha deals almost exclusively with counting Bene Yisrael (B”Y) and the sanctification of the Levites who serve G-d. Initially the first born (Bechorim) were supposed to serve; but because of the sin of the golden calf (egel), the Levites who did not participate were selected for the service. This is why we have to redeem the first-born or bechor by paying 5 shekalim to the Cohen. Each Levite has a specific job.
  3. During 40 years in the dessert we become a people; why not in the land of Israel? Midbar means talking (secret: slaves do not talk, and only listen to their master); our Torah is our freedom to talk and our slavery is only to G-d. In the dessert, we became free to worship and attain spiritual freedom; no nation can subjugate us, nations will be afraid of us. The nations hate us because we only want to learn and make a living – but be close to G-d (the real purpose of existence); why they hate the little people like us? Esau hate Yaacov – because we matter, we count, we are chosen, we have special soul and we are connected to the creator – no other nation has that!
  4. Why are we so special? Because G-d gave us Torah? It existed before Sinai; The tribe of Levi did mitzvot in Egypt and taught Torah, the Avot (Avraham, Yitzhak, Yaacov) kept the Torah: What is then the Sinai revelation for? The answer: on Sinai we were commanded to keep the Torah, it became an obligation; as oppose to observe Torah voluntarily. If you are not required to observe – you get no reward!
  5. Before Sinai we were not obligated, during the splitting the sea, the angels complained; why B”Y are saved while the Egyptians drown? Both are idol worshipers! No Am Israel yet?
  6. In Sinai we stood like one person in unity, no other people can do that: by being united! Sinai unity caused us to change and made us worthy of receiving the Torah; in addition to having Zechut Avot (merit of our fathers). We got up, cleaned up and got ready; fire came down from heaven in smoke and G-d spoke from the fire saying only one word: ANOCHI (I am...) and everyone died. The torah complained to G-d who commanded her to revived us.
  7. Torah is our life line; but we were happy to die, from a kiss form G-d, nafshi yatzah bedabero (my soul came as He spoke), our only desire is to cling to G-d; nothing is more pleasurable than uniting back with our G-d; Bene Yisrael did not want to be alive, only to connect with G-d
  8. Without the special reality of Sinai, we are not much better than the goyim who may be even prettier, stronger, numerous. We get honor on account of our G-d our father who loves us. Our business card is the Avot who gave us superb roots. Because of them we are honored and envied by the goyim and because of our connection to G-d. The Avot passed the test, many tests, they are like flawless diamonds. We are chosen because the Avot and we are like them – even if we fail, we can rise up again and become like them. We have excellent foundations in the Avot, a great seed. Because of them G-d forgives us our sins and sweetens Din with mercy
  9. The angles objected to Moses come to heaven to get Torah but G-d told them Avraham fed you in his tent; G-d made Moses face look like the Avot who became respectful to Moses and even Satan gave Moses the ketoret – G-d most favorite sacrifice. After 40 days, Moses was able to bring down the Torah; it made us different from all other people.
  10. In Sinai, our character changed. We eat dead things to survive, cut the apple from the tree, kill birds, kill cattle, kill fish and cut vegetables from their source: We eat nothing alive, no ever min hahai (live limb) even fruits; and dead foods revive us. All foods have bad parts and good parts: the good parts keeps us alive because G-d’s Dibur (speech) injects life into the dead food. This is the secret of Asara Maamarot or 10 spoken utterances of G-d by which He created the universe and all its content
  11. Before Sinai we were no better to the rest of the nations and we could eat all animals, and we also had the 7-noachite laws; the difference after Sinai is our Torah that we observe.
  12. Torah distills the good from the bad, refines our souls; when we died on Sinai we got a new soul that is able to attach itself to G-d; only thru Torah we can know G-d, that’s what differentiates us – torah and our special soul to know G-d. Torah is our spiritual ladder to G-d
  13. G-d offered the torah to the goying (pagans) but they asked what’s in it? When they found out no murder, no stealing, no adultery – they could not do without so many NO’s in their lives. Israel did not ask what’s in it? They just said we’ll take it; and only then, we shall see what’s its content! We cannot teach Torah for money – it’s priceless
  14. Ruth the mother of our Moshiach. David who was born on Shavuot and died on shavuot; G-d does not reveal the day of death but He did give a hint to David SHIN SHIN (shabbat shavuot)
  15. Vayehi Bime Shefot Hashoftim – during which time that the judges were being judged; telling them how to rule like today in Israel: Government officials do what they please and even force the judges to rule in certain ways or else? Olmert tried to sue the special prosecutor for the government who found Olmert guilty of misconduct. The guilty party dictates to the judge and tries to render the judge the criminal. The citizens are putting on trial the judges like the sorceress of Pharaoh did and dethroned him for 3 months until he agreed to enslave Bene Yisrael. Soon they will put on trial judge Vinograd himself for reporting the truth about the Olmert corrupt government and mishandling of the war in Lebanon last summer. This injustice brings famine to the land – the rich tries to control the judges. Without justice, the world will not exist. With too much sin, G-d closes the factory, fires people and the rest start taking notice to work harder and better. Two thirds of the people will die in catastrophes because they do not appreciate what G-d gave them
  16. Elimelech had everything but did not want to give charity to the starving poor and took off with his 2 sons to Moav. He was punished and died and his 2 kids died too for marrying Moabite women. He was afraid to deplete his wealth on charity – and his wealth all gone. When meshulchim (charity seekers) knocked on your door, let them in because G-d stands at the door next to them (very scary).
  17. In Moav Machlon and Kilyion married 2 goyot. Naomi became a poor widow and childless and got the HINT from G-d and decided to go back to Bet Lehem. Her daughters in law followed her but only stuck with her telling Naomi “I go wherever you shall go, die wherever you shall die, buried in your grave and G-d is my G-d”
  18. Orpha went back and from which came Goliath. From Ruth came David. The 2 were princesses. Ruth saw truth in Naomi beyond materialism she saw the spiritual aspect of Naomi and Jews
  19. The 2 arrived back to Bet Lechem and everyone wonders on Naomi that became poor an no more pleasant, attesting of being bitter and a widow with nothing, no kids – but Truth stayed with her
  20. There was still hunger in the land, even though we have nothing, we still have our past, and we have Boaz with his fields, go the field and gather from the field. According to Torah law the poor is entitled to “leket, shichecha and peah” all remnant produce in the fields
  21. While gathering, Boaz saw her sitting to gather and not bending as not to expose herself (she had tzniut or modesty – a great sign for a real and righteous woman). Boaz knew she was special: did not bend – sit and gather. He asked her who are you and she said Ruth the daughter in law of Naomi and he told her you are my family and need yibum (marry someone in the family so that hear dead husband will have survivors and continuity). Ruth agreed to convert her name “HaRUTH” spells “TORAH” same letters. After the next of kin declined to marry her and gave her Chalitza (refusal to marry), Boaz married her and out of which came out Oved father of Yishai who was father to David (10 generation form yehudah – from Egypt).
  22. Yishai never sinned, but it was found his grandma was Ruth the Moabite; the Torah forbids a Moabite or Amonite from marrying Jews even for 10 generation. Yishai divorced his wife Nitzevet bat Adiel and asked his concubine to substitute his divorced wife; but she told her mistress Nitzevet who proceeded to sleep with Yishai and out of which came David.
  23. After 3 months the brothers saw their mother pregnant and suspected her of promiscuity and decided to kill her (with David inside her womb) in order not to suffer the indignity. But later decided not to kill and wait. After David was born, the brothers the shinned him and ostracized him; he could not even eat at the same table. At the age of 13 David went to the desert and became a shepherd and grew up on his own. One day he killed 4 lions and 3 bears (a hint from G-d that he is destined to bring salvation to Israel. And on that day he presented himself to King Shaul and offered to fight the giant Goliath the philistines. Saul did not believe him but he convinced the king telling him he killed the Lion and the Bear. David defeated the giant Goliath with just a sling and 5 stones in his hand
  24. Because Shaul did not keep the covenant to kill Agag the Amalekite, G-d told shmuel to find a new king from the Yishai family. Shmuel selected all Yishai’s children but G-d said no to all of them, Eliav who was formidable was rejected by G-d because he was too proud of himself. Seven children were rejected; so the prophet Shmuel asked if Yishai has any more children and Yishai answered no! But then he was reminded of David in the dessert, and Shmuel proceeded to send a messenger to David to come to be anointed as king of Israel. David refused not willing to leave the herd; but after a substitute shepherd was found, David to his mother to ask permission – she agreed and went with him to see Shmuel
  25. Upon seeing David, Shumel exclaimed this is the king and David was anointed. All the people cried out “yechi hamelech David” his mother cried and said “Even Maasu Habonim Hayeta Lerosh Pinah (the stone that the builders detested became the corner stone. David was loved by g-d, he was good looking with beautiful eyes, and when G-d is mad at us He looks at David and forgives our sins. David is Moshiach. who did everything for the shechina (G-d presence on earth); G-d loves us because of David and the Avot. David became 4th leg in the Merchava (Chariot of G-d).
Even a convert can reach the highest level of Judaism – but keep the Torah and Mitzvot to remain a convert – May you all be blessed with G-d’s infinite abundance and may we see Moshiach. in our time

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